CVD Coated Carbide Grade for Steel

See CA025P on the video

Kyocera aims to help customers realize their vision.
We want to shape ideas into reality through advanced technologies and innovation. We strongly support progressive manufacturing techniques and problem solving by providing original solution proposals. Our mission is to create value for the future with these new techniques.

Shaping ideas into reality

See CA025P on the video

1Addressing high speed and long tool life machining

Next generation CVD coating technology
(Internal evaluation)

Competitor A
Competitor B

WorkpieceSCM435 (External, Continuous Machining)

Cutting conditionsVc=300m/min, ap=1.5mm, f=0.3mm/rev, Wet

Evaluation model CNMG120408**

Cutting time Indicated at the top right of the picture

“Wanting to reduce the machining period with high-speed machining,” and “Wanting to reduce the insert replacement frequency” are improvements which everyone in the field of machining is hoping for.
Kyocera CA025P achieves stable machining with long tool life by adopting the new-generation CVD coating technique. By increasing to approximately twice the film thickness of the Al2O3 (alumina) layer, which excels in heat resistance with our proprietary crystal control, the wear resistance is improved dramatically. Productivity can be improved considerably with high-speed, long tool life machining.

2Achievement of stable machining

Adhesion on the edge after cutting
(Internal evaluation)

Specialized post-coating
Less Adhesion
Not Specialized post-coating
Wide area of adhesion
* Adhesion area appears white

WorkpieceSCM435 (with 4 Slots)

Cutting conditionsVc = 270 m/min, ap = 1.0 mm, f = 0.1 mm/rev, Wet

Reduction in cutting force
with the suppression of adhesion

(Internal evaluation)

Workpiece SCM440 (with 4 Slots)  Continuous - Interruption

Cutting conditionsVc=300m/min, ap=1.5mm, f=0.3mm/rev, Dry

Evaluation modelCNMG120408PG

Never Knowing when chipping or fractures will occur results in an unstable process.
CA025P brings improvements to unstable machining.
With the adoption of Kyocera’s proprietary special surface structure for the insert, suppression of adhesion on the cutting edge as well as chipping is addressed to improve machining stability.
It also has a brightly colored appearance, making it easier to identify the used corner and improves “waste” at the machining site, including replacing the insert even though there is an unused corner.

3A new heat-resistant substrate achieves high-precision machining

Plastic Deformation Comparison(Internal evaluation)

Competitor C
Competitor D

WorkpieceSCM435 (Continuous)

Cutting conditionsVc=300m/min, ap=1.5mm, f=0.3mm/rev, Dry

Evaluation modelCNMG120408**

For CA025P, we also developed a new carbide alloy substrate.
High-temperature properties were improved by finding the optimal composition and baking conditions for tungsten carbide (WC), cobalt (Co) and other rare metals that are contained in carbide alloy substrate.
As a result, we were able to improve the heat-resistance and plastic deformation resistance.
This enables high speeds, a long tool life and stable and high-precision machining with a reduction of the cutting force.
CA025P adopts the latest coating and substrate technologies to shape our customers’ ideas into reality.

newLineup Expansion

CA025P lineup has been expanding since the launch.
We satisfy a wide-range of customers needs, from roughing to finishing.

Case Studies(Customer evaluation)

From unstable machining to stable machining

Part for mechanical
structure equivalent to

f=0.15mm/rev, Wet



Number of machined objects

CA025P GS Chipbreaker 40 pcs/corner

 Competitor E P25 grade 5 to 15pcs/corner

Tool life ×2.5 longer

Machining with long tool life for various workpieces

Cold Forging Die SKD61

f =0.23mm/rev, Wet


Number of machined objects

CA025P PG Chipbreaker 25pcs/corner

Competitor F (Molded  Chipbreaker) 15pcs/corner

Tool life ×1.6

CA025P Working Videos

Shaft Machining #1
Shaft Machining #2
Heavy Interrupted Machining
of Hexagonal Bar Steel with Holes

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